Artist Statement

Carving, scraping, marking, burning, and creating connect me to a thoroughly human impulse to leave an impression before shuffling off this mortal coil.  In my work I use ideas as the catalyst, incorporating research and writing into the process and the objects that result.   I reference disparate themes within a single piece, reflecting my interest in and research of a wide range of subjects – from human-made and natural systems to animal mortality, anatomy and sexuality and beyond. My works explore a range of ideas in an effort to communicate and make connection with others.

My training in printmaking, sculpture, bookmaking, and mixed-media work combine in my most recent work. Encaustic (beeswax + resin) painting combines my love for sculptural textures, graphic elements, etched lines, drawing, and richly layered works.  I employ heavy layers of encaustic medium, collage elements – both found and created through printmaking and drawing – and dry pigments.


Daisy McConnell has been exhibiting her mixed-media art in Western and Midwestern galleries and art spaces for the past decade.  She was born in Italy and raised around the world, the daughter of two artists. McConnell is currently Director of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs Galleries of Contemporary Art (GOCA).  Her studio practice is based in Manitou Springs, Colorado.